Thursday, December 10, 2015

CRYPT SERMON – Out of the Garden

Crypt Sermon – Out of the Garden (2015, Dark Descent)

Getting into the album Out of the Garden took me a while and despite all the praise and positive buzz around the album, I was not able to complete a listen of the entire album since it came out. So in an attempt to complete my year end lists I revisited earlier releases of 2015 and I fell on Crypt Sermon and saw that Pitchfork, Angry Metal Guy +1, and even Fenriz even put it on their essentials. So like the good sheep that I am I followed those shepherds to finally find what they heard that I didn’t.

Andy O’Connor (Pitchfork) summarized it well how the first three songs of the album are structured just like Candlemass’ masterpiece Epicus Doomicus Metallicus’ first three songs. Being myself a huge fan of the Candlemass record and their epic doom metal, I got back to Out of the Garden with a different mindset. Which was better for both of us, the record and my enjoyment.

Well, it is not as epic as Candlemass’ sound but its scape is as crunching and doomy. The guitars are just as solid and vocalist Brooks Wilson does a near perfect job not trying to emulate his influences. As it is with doom metal singers it is often the thing that stops me from being completely sold on the genre. But in this case I believe he is probably casted in the right character.

As I said before, when this record came out I was not sure about it and I even struggled to get through it. However, I am glad I came back and rediscovered it. At 42 minutes the record is well edited and the pace of the songs is also well balanced. With my mea culpa done don’t be surprised to find this album amongst some of the most interesting titles of 2015.


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