Wednesday, December 23, 2015

ANTICOSM – Anticosm

Anticosm – Anticosm (2015, Born of Chaos Records)

In the vein of the Thrash metal revival of the five last years, Anticosm is a New Jersey band that likes to mix genres and use the template of Black/Thrash metal. With melodic riffings and fast songs like the opener ‘’Kill or Be Killed’’ they set a pace for fans of Destruction, Sodom, and many other early German Thrash metal manifestations.

As much as the Thrash metal revival was bringing a fresh wave in metal when it got back, but sometimes revival can easily fell into the nostalghia and then saccharine and too much sugar coated can cause indigestion.

At first, I was afraid that Anticosm might fell into the too much creaming records that sound awesome at first but after a few listens give pain to the stomach. But it wasn,t the case, their raw agressivity and the fact that they were not based in the bay area helped them not to use too much of the Municipal Holocaust effect. This is a promising record that showcase an understanding and a passion for the genre and to explore and broad around.

It might be one of the year 2015's best kept secrets but the album is still available and I wish that they will tour because they have a respectable reputation as a live act.


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