Wednesday, December 16, 2015

GRAVE FORSAKEN – The Fight Goes On

Music Review : Grave Forsaken – The Fight Goes On (2015, Soundmass)

Just like Iron Maiden and New Wave equal the 1980’s, thrash metal more often than not is the same case if not a nostalgia of a time or a form of music once iconic but now a shadow of itself. In fact, don’t even get me started about power metal. However, when I discover a band worth my notice I won’t stop at its genre or music boundary in any form.

This is why Australians of Grave Forsaken, with a Voivod quality in their vocals and progressive grooves, have crossed more or less the line of 1980’s thrash metal revivalists. Their best songs are the ones that are in the Anthrax territory of crossover between old school hardcore and thrash metal. ‘’Glimpse of Armageddon’’ could be their best song and what a way to finish an album.

However, the album is populated with a bit of filling songs in the middle section which does not justice to its best parts. Take note: more crossover less melodic songs. So with moments of brilliance I think that overall this is an album that stays too much in the middle of the road instead of trying to capitalize on the best elements they have in their bag.


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