Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Horrendous - Araneta (2015, Dark Descent)

In the recent years many genres have stagnate and left fans biting again and again in their old classics saying : they don’t make them like this anymore. Even the greats like Iron Maiden and Slayer have more or less missed the mark this year. 

With their debut The Chills in 2012, the Philadelphia death metal trio of Horrendous have been labeled as vintage revivalists. With all honesty, I’ve never listened to their debut effort, but I have tasted their latest release Araneta. Which if it was a meal, could be compared to a french classic with a modernized plate. In fact, they are a nice continuity of the thrash metal revival with a death metal edge.

Their use of bay area sound and structures makes it for a timeless classic that has guitar solos that fits into songs and superb cathartic moments like the song Polaris. While breakdowns and heavier passages reminds us of the evolution of the music. Sounding at times like early Slayer and at other times like a mastered version of Exodus, Araneta is a surprising piece of metal that doesn’t felt into the nostalgia of the past but that excelled in the lesson of the past masters and elevate the bar. It seems like they have prevented to fall into the Municipal Waste wagon but still kept the enjoyment and quality at a high level.


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