Friday, December 4, 2015

The Body & Krieg

The Body & Krieg (2015, At a Loss)

According to Wikipedia The Body is a sludge metal band. Well, if you take this source as the unique way to be informed you may be wrong and when on bandcamp we learn that Chip King is the voice and Neill Jameson from the American black metal act Krieg adds harsh vocals. Just like the description aforementioned, The Body & Krieg is the result of long recording sessions. It sounds like songs devopped out of repeated beats and sound explorations. You may add the terms industrial and noise to the mix.

With structures reminding of Godflesh and even Swans, the screeches are rougher than many black metal outfits. It might not be the most accessible record of the Industrial revival but probably an interesting offering for the genre.

Personally, I doubt I will be repeating my listens of this record even if I find it to be unique and genuine. It lacks of real evolution and appeal.


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